Words of inspiration to my Love

    This trial an tribulation will make u an even better an stronger man Mayne,if only u could see your self through my eyes,🐂🐑🙏, 🔙stronge as a bull, humble as a goat 😊, an a blessing to me😢.it scared me u tellin me what happen, my emotional ass was tearin up sittin outside thinken of all the bad that could have really hurt u i know to know the things that was taken an i understand, but my concern is yo safety😔,u mean everything to me smh an I still can’t express that enough to u smh.i hate bein this far yet so close in 💓 to u.i want u to know I’m here for u rather u wanna talk about somethen silly to clear your head or to just pour any an everything out..we all go through things an yes it feels like one thing after another but it makes us the people we are at this moment in time, rather we like it or not, shit happens smh,I wish I could just sit next to u in silence an just hold your hand with the sun setting 😏 gay I know ha…it’s ok if u don’t say anything😚, just I Love u an I care a hell of alot about u is what I’m sayin.





    I was at Walgreens buying my brother a birthday card. An elderly woman was also in the aisle. She said “can you believe they have wedding cards for two men and look even two women!”

    [screams internally]

    But she then said “I’ve seen so many changes in my 80 years, it’s wonderful how things are moving forward.”

    [internal tears of joy]

    She then mentioned that she didn’t know any gay people but that everyone should be treated like they would want to be treated. I smiled and said “you know one now” and pointed at myself. She smiled, patted my shoulder and said “now I do”.

    These are so fucking beautiful.

    I freaking love old people.

    OMG This was my idea. I better put my designs out there.

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    This shirt I neeeed

    This shirt I neeeed


    I swear I wish I wasnt hairy,its fuckin wit me for no reason tho haha..Watchen some! movie..A bruh stayy by his self tho haha,let me stop lyn,i need this time,i got a few things on my mind


    I can just imagine a dinner for two Me & U an by the 3rd course I’ll say “I Do” ..

    Jennifer Lopez - Acting Like That (feat. Iggy Azalea) (91 plays)


    Yes Jennifer a.k.a JLO

    Earlier at work,too Tan haha smh

    2 Chainz - Employee Of The Month (11,661 plays)


    This get me hype every time haha

    this my song

    Love my Shirt